September was our KickOff Month

Our club year starts in September and we are thrilled to be back together again in person. We had three events in September to get off to a good start.  We held a Gardener to Gardener Workshop on the topic of Garden Grooming at a private garden on September 12.  Our club meeting was on September 14 at Greenfield Berry Farm in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. And, our Fall Plant Exchange was held Saturday, September 16 at Veteran’s Way Park. All events were held outdoors.

Kitchen Table Flowers, a Flower Arranging Demonstration

Flower Arranging Committee Chair Barbara Earnhardt and HGC member Sue L’Hommedieu conducted a demonstration of small, simple floral designs.  Using only flowers from their own gardens, they each made several arrangements and offered hints and tips on how to condition, arrange and display the floral designs. Christ Church Episcopal generously provided the venue for this August event.

Our monthly meetings will resume in September

Just a reminder that we do not hold our monthly General Meetings in June, July or August. We are still an active club during those months, though. We have our annual Tour, field trips, Gardener to Gardener workshops, Herb Group meetings and outings. We keep in touch via our newsletter and Facebook and we take time to enjoy the friendships we have formed through the club.  Happy gardening!

Purchase 2021 Tour Tickets HERE now!

Purchase either a Saturday or Sunday ticket, but should your plans change, no worries. We will honor your ticket either day. Or, do part of the tour on Saturday and the rest on Sunday. 

2021 Garden and Outdoor Living Tour announced

Our proposed outdoor tour for 2021 is a “go.”  We are excited to provide a summer tour while keeping everyone safe. The dates are Saturday, June 26 and Sunday, June 27, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.   Tickets, $35,  will be available by online advance reservation only. Check back after May 1st for more details and ticketing. 

A Gardener to Gardener Group Challenge

Our Gardener to Gardener Group is a way for our club members to share gardening knowledge with each other. This spring they issued a Flower Forcing Challenge. For many of us gardeners, late February and early March can be nearly unbearable, but forcing early flowering branches in our homes can make the dreary snow and ice a little more tolerable. Forcing branches to bloom inside is not at all hard to do. Witch Hazel and Forsythia bloom quickly indoors, as do many other flowering shrubs and trees. You can also buy branches that are not completely in bloom from florists, grocery stores or online catalogs. Paperwhite narcissus and pre-chilled spring bulbs can be forced, too. We challenge you to try it! If you are successful please send your pictures to We will post on our facebook page and in an album on our Photos page of this website. 

Read more at Gardening Know How: Forcing Flowering Branches – How To Force Branches To Bloom Indoors

2021 Tour of Gardens and Outdoor Living Spaces Proposed!

We are excited to announce that Hudson Garden Club is currently planning a Gardens and Outdoor Living Spaces Tour for 2021. We think this option will be well received and provide a safe way for us all to get out in the open air and enjoy a collection of beautiful Hudson properties. Please note: No homes, Garden Shop, Tea Room or Tour Luncheon would be included for this year only due to Covid.

We are currently planning for Saturday June 26th AND/OR Sunday June 27th, depending on the wishes of the property owners.  Barb Earnhardt and Lois James are working on securing eight gardens or outdoor living spaces, so if you have one (or more) to nominate, please contact either of them by March 5th at or

Reminder: We still have monthly meetings. They are held via Zoom.

Check our online Calendar or Meeting page of our website to find the link to our free monthly meetings on Zoom. When the weather warms, we hope to hold meetings outdoors. Stay safe, everyone!

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