Since 2000 the Hudson Garden Club has offered grants to fund worthwhile projects or programs that fulfill the mission of the Club. Hudson Garden Club is dedicated to spreading the knowledge and love of gardening, the beautification of public property and the support of education in horticultural and related fields.  Grant applications are submitted online.  Please click below for the application.

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Please complete each item on the grant application form.  The completed application form must be submitted by November 15.  We will not accept any application received after the deadline. Missing information may prevent your application from being considered.

 All grants requests will be considered. Applicants may reapply annually. Grant monies will be distributed during the last week of December of the year the application is submitted.

If you have documents you need to submit in hard copy, please mail to Hudson Garden Club Grants at 169 Elm St., Hudson, OH 44236. For questions, please contact

2023 Grant Recipients

Case Barlow Farm – $1,000 to build a 6X8 lean-to garden shed to place in the back garden so that gardeners will have access to the tools needed to maintain the garden even when the rest of the farm buildings may be locked.

East Woods Intermediate School (EWIS) – $10,000 to develop a student designed botanical garden outside of Door K to include trees, shrubs and flowering plants. The school has applied to NASA to be recipients of a moon tree that would be a center focus of the area. In the event that EWIS does not receive the moon tree, a sycamore will be substituted.

Friends of Hudson Park-Hudson Spring Park – $10,000  to complete an EPA approved aquatic herbicide treatment through multiple visits as well as manual removal of invasive species as needed. The goal is to create a more healthy, diverse habituate that is free of invasive species along the Hudson Spring Park Loop Trail.

Friends of Hudson Parks-Veterans Way Park – $3,000 for the destruction/removal of the invasive phragmites and narrow leaved cattails.

Go Green Go- $440 to fund RRCA membership, two litter pickers and garbage bags. Three Plogging events are scheduled for 2024 to pick up litter.

Hudson Library and Historical Society – $1,500 to host landscape historian and horticulturalist Marta McDowell who will speak about her recently published book Gardening Can be Murder: How Poisonous Poppies, Sinister Shovels and Grim Gardens Have Inspired Mystery Writers.

McDowell Early Learning Center – $4,837 to purchase and install a story walk angled aluminum frame to mount nature related books in the area that connects the sensory garden with the playground.

McDowell Early Learning Center – $25,200 to prepare the Reinhardt Arboretum for its 50th Birthday in 2025. This proposal will create enhanced signage, create more accessible trails and general access for those with mobility issues. The goal is to revitalize the Reinhardt Arboretum so it becomes an improved classroom that is a safe nature space to learn and explore.

Seton Catholic School – $700 to plant blueberries and raspberries shrubs to harvest and purchase indoor floor boxes for the Eco Club to use for experimentation. The flowering shrubs will provide habitat for pollinators and provide beautification.

Crown Point Ecology Center – $5,000 to replace needed equipment, including replacement of some end walls, aging ventilation fans and clear plastic. For the purchase of more insect netting and row covers to deter pests.

Stan Hywet Hall and Garden – $5,000 to assist in the development of the “Cultivation Connections” program which aims to increase understanding of horticulture and sustainable gardening practices, foster deeper appreciation for the natural world and importance of environmental stewardship, encourage active participation in gardening and enhance Stan Hywet’s reputation as a leading center for horticultural education and community engagement, To support the program by developing and implementing a curriculum, hire and train instructors, purchase supplies and equipment and market the program.

Summit Metro Parks Foundation – $6,081 to purchase materials and equipment to create signage and tags that educate and inform visitors about the plants they are viewing.




2022 Grant Recipients

Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park – $5,000 to revitalize the Learning Garden and Hoop House at the CV Environmental Educational Center which will then create a new and improved student experience.

East Woods Intermediate Schoo l- $5,000 to beautify the school campus with diversity and habitats to attract local insects and animals and provide 5th grade students a hands -on-learning experience by submitting competing designs for the south side of the cafeteria entrance. 

East Woods Intermediate School- $2,000 to beautify the school campus as above the north side of the cafeteria.

Friends of Hudson Parks-$4,750 to keep recent arrivals of invasive plants at the Hudson Springs Park from developing and spreading into a smothering monoculture that would kill spring plants and keep native understory bushes and small trees from developing underneath the mature forest canopy.

Friends of Hudson Springs Parks- $5,000 to remove invasive species at three Hudson Springs Park locations so that native bushes and trees will now be given a chance to establish and create high quality habitat for pollinators and native birds.

Go Green Go- $360 to support a litter remove program through plogging. Plogging refers to the activity of picking up trash while jogging. Three plogging events will be planned in Hudson in 2023.

McDowell Early Learning Center- $2,500 to install an outdoor sensory garden that will address all five senses and will provide a sensory experience for these young learners with a special focus on students with disabilities that affect senses.

Seton Catholic School- $535 to support a composting program which will convert students lunch scraps into rich soil to support the school’s garden beds.

Wyoga Lake Conservation Association- $480 for beautification of a Micropark in Stow which will include the addition of mature bushes, spring bulbs, paver walkway and inviting trellis.


2021 Grant Recipients

Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park – $2,000 to improve virtual and hybrid programming for students and continue field trips for schools.

David Hudson Chapter DAR – $2,000 to restore WWII memorial

Friends of Hudson Parks – $3,000 to develop a healthy, more diverse ecosystem along the Hudson Springs Trail

Go Green Go – $500 to reduce litter and plastic pollution in Hudson while creating awareness and getting people out and active. Also promote beautification of public property

Hale Farm & Village – $2,500 for restoration of the Goldsmith Garden

Hudson Montessori School – $1,200 to create new planting beds for students

Seton School Garden Club – $115 to expand gardens


2020 – Grants were not awarded as our major fundraiser, the Home and Garden Tour was cancelled due to Covid


2019 Grant Recipients

Hale Farm & Village – $2,500 to restore a key historic element of the Goldsmith Garden and provide protection from pests that undermine the horticultural learning laboratory.

Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park – $2,000 to provide scholarships for children unable to attend otherwise.

Evamere Elementary School – $1,900 to teach students the joy of plants by creating fairy gardens – all 233 Kindergarten students will participate.

Go Green Go – $650 to buy a one-year Road Runners Club of America membership which includes gloves and trash bags for clean-up of Hudson.

City of Hudson – $1,700 to provide deep root fertilization and root stimulation for mature trees on the Green in Hudson and pruning as needed along with ongoing inspection.

Hudson Montessori School – $1,000 for student-run small business, North House Specialties, will use the extra beds for multiple purposes, including selling starts of vegetable plants, opening a small CSA, or starting a fresh lunch program all week instead of the Community Lunch Program that only takes place each Thursday.

Carolyn Bouquot – $250 to continue the beautification of the Terex traffic island.