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(Please provide complete information, but limit response to 1 or 2 paragraphs per question)

1. Explanation of planned project:
2. What is the goal or desired outcome of this project/program? How will you evaluate the success of the project/program?:
3. If this project requires upkeep (such as a garden), how will you keep it maintained on an ongoing basis?:
4. How was the project cost determined? (Quotes/estimates, retail/wholesale cost, etc.):
5. List any other potential sources of funding for this program/project. Have you contacted anyone else?:
6. What would you do if you received only partial funding from the Hudson Garden Club?:
7. How many people do you estimate will benefit from your project/program?:
8. Describe briefly how your organization/project fulfills one or more of the purposes of the Hudson Garden Club: (The Club is a non-profit civic organization whose purpose is the improvement of the community (1) by spreading knowledge and love of gardening through its members; (2) by undertaking projects for the beautification of public property (defined as publicly owned, not just visible or accessible to the public); and (3) by supporting education in horticulture and related fields.):
9. How do you plan to promote Hudson Garden Club’s support of your agency/project?:
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10. Other information about your project the Grants Committee might find helpful in reviewing your request::
  1. Application must be submitted online, emailed or postmarked by November 1 for consideration. If mailing, please send to 2499 Blue Heron Drive, Hudson, OH 44236
  1. If you receive funding for this project, follow-up reporting to the Hudson Garden Club is required to demonstrate its completion (photographs, written summary, etc.) Report is required by October 1 of the following year.
  1. If this grant will be used by an organization, please include with your grant request a financial statement or annual report that includes the grand total of your budget for the current fiscal year. If applicable, attach some proof of tax-exempt, not-for-profit status.
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