Club Grants Funding for Area Projects

Posted on Monday February 06, 2017

The Hudson Garden Club is pleased to announce its 2016 grants provided to organizations in the greater Akron/Cleveland area.  These grants are designed to support the organization’s mission:  to encourage the knowledge and love of gardening, the beautification of public property and the support of education in horticultural and related fields.

This year’s recipients include:

Hudson Middle School - $2,700 to create a school garden, which will help students understand the complexities of gardening, be excited about gardening, and take an active role in producing food at the school.

Hudson Montessori School - $1,750 to rebuild a greenhouse and use it for micro-economy, scientific learning opportunities and culinary discovery.

Hudson Library and Historical Society - $1,000 to fund speaker Amy Stewart, whose program will educate the community about horticulture and its intersection with history, medicine and science.

City of Hudson - $1,000 toward maintenance of flower plantings along Park Lane and Clinton Street in downtown Hudson.

Cleveland Botanical Garden - $1,000 to support Green Corp. Urban Gardening Program within Cleveland distressed neighborhoods.

Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park - $1,000 to provide scholarships for students from local lower-income families to attend All the Rivers Run, an immersive outdoor learning program for 4th – 8th graders

Sunday Afternoon Gardeners - $700 to restore historic gardens at the Jonathan Goldsmith House at Hale Farm.

Trapp Family Farm - $600 to fund solar powered fences to protect garden areas and educate farm visitors on the value of renewable energy.

Carolyn Bouquont - $250 to maintain island at the intersection of Terex and Barlow Road. 

Grant applications for 2017 will be available beginning September 1, 2017 and can be found here. Deadline for application will be November 1, 2017.