2015 Tour Flower Arrangements

Posted on Wednesday November 04, 2015

One of the fine traditions of our Home & Garden Tour is the flower arrangements that are created to enhance the homeowners’ efforts to present their homes in the best light to our visitors. Due to requests from our Tour guests, starting in 2015, we are posting the arrangements from each tour year in a separate album. Previously, selections from many past tours have been combined in a single album (still available below).

This labor of love involves a lot of preparation: assigning the arrangers to a team, the team meeting with the homeowners to determine rooms and specific placement of designs, choosing containers, thinking about flowers, picking flowers, arranging flowers, delivering flowers, freshening flowers. Each team counts on the use of peonies and can pick them early, refrigerating them for weeks in advance of the Tour. But then the thoughts turn to questions. What will we find in the gardens? Will there be Astilbe? Baptisia? Clematis? Delphiniums...? Experience helps answer these questions……sometimes. Each year the weather is different and affects bloom times, so we can count on very little. For example, Feverfew is a filler flower we like to use--and we expect it to be ready as in past years--but this year it peaked after the Tour. These little difficulties are really challenges and opportunities for creativity. 
But none of this would be possible without our members who offer us their gardens for picking! 
If we could, we’d give one of The Hub’s “Floral Salutes" to each of you who allow us to come visit and pick in your gardens for the flower arrangements. We simply could not do our job and keep the tradition of designs from local fresh garden flowers and foliage without your generosity!!! The variety we find in your gardens delights us. Bright red service berries-coral Peonies-yarrow-greens of every shade, including variegations, Delphiniums, Campanula glomerata, Clematis….the full spectrum of the rainbow (ROYGBIV), bright and pastel, every shape and size was represented. You may not hear the excited conversation over a discovery of a special something growing in your garden. Or over the happy idea that comes from finding a surprising bloom in your garden. You may never know if we found The Perfect Focal Flower, filler flowers, greens, branches, buds, vines, seedpods, berries in your garden or in another. But we do and we THANK YOU SO MUCH!