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2012 Hudson Holiday Doors

Posted on Monday December 26, 2011

Click on the thumbnails to see the 2012 entries. Congratulations to winner Forrest and Sarah Norman! Their door is the first one. Zoom in to read the tags on the wrapped gifts by her door. The gifts are for places or causes that the Hudson community supports.

2011 Holiday Doors of Hudson

Posted on Sunday December 25, 2011

We started a new holiday event in 2011--Holiday Doors of Hudson. These were the entries. Ken and Grace Blower were the winners with their handmade Williamsburg style door. It is shown in the first two photos below.

October 2010 Soup Supper

Posted on Saturday January 22, 2011

At our October 2010 meeting, the Board provided a soup supper for the club members as a way to thank them for all they do for our club and community. A variety of homemade soups and breads were served. The dessert was unique—pudding with cookie crumb topping that looked like dirt, topped with gummy worms. Just perfect for us gardeners!

The Plant Exchange

Posted on Saturday January 22, 2011

We hold two Plant Exchanges a year—spring and fall. Gardeners bring divisions of plants from their gardens, exchange them for tickets, and use the tickets to “buy” plants. It’s a great way to meet other gardeners, share your excess plants and get new plants---all for free! The event is open to the public. Don’t come late for this event--these great bargains are quickly snapped up.

Mentoring workshops - a great way to learn

Posted on Monday November 08, 2010

Several times a year, we organize a learning session for new gardeners. Experienced club members have shared their gardening knowledge on a variety of topics. The events, open to members only, are announced in the club newsletter or via our club email list. Examples of past mentoring meetings include hands-on workshops on seed starting, making faux hypertufa troughs and a Q&A session on how to deal with garden critters. We've also held demonstrations on container planting, garden photography, pruning and beekeeping.